the fractal of life

I walk through the kitchen and there's a cat hanging out in the dishwasher. Oddly, this doesn't phase me in the slightest. I continue heating my dinner and trying to catch a hold of the epiphany that I had earlier today.

I commented on someone about the inter-connectedness of thoughts, and how one thought can race to another at light-speed. But it also makes me recall a debate I had last week that there is something and the space between it is nothing.

As I was ironing my work shirt early this morning, it came to me this morning that it can't possibly be true.

Because if it were nothing, it got named. If it has a name, it's SOMETHING, even if it's nothing. At the smallest level, the microcosm, the gap between the nucleus of an atom and the electrons surrounding it....

Someone might argue that there is nothing there. But if you call it a gap, if you call it nothing, if you call it space, if you call it air....you've given it a name, which makes it something instead of nothing....

So if you apply this microcosm/macrocosm approach, it isn't even a 'circle' of life. It's an endless, psychedelic fractal. Seriously. Because it's far too complex to be a circle, but simple enough to be patterned.

I don't know if I can explain it proper. But it made a lot of sense this morning, before the sun rose and the coffee was even peculating.

I am both fascinated and disgusted by the cat laying in the dishwasher. I hope it doesn't clog the dishwasher drain.

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