In Honor of Brighid

Far away from highland mist
Covered in early morning dawn
Like the ringing of your anvil
Through the years beyond
In candlelight, in eternal flame
The memory of your name
With offerings made from the heart
For reasons still the same
Goddess, Mother, Saint
Healer, Smith and Sage
Honored by your daughters now
Regardless of their age
We ask you keep our fires lit -
Warm and happy homes.
And of my poem, O, Great Poetess!
It's humbly for you - don't look at it too critical.

Snow Day

This sucks.

I woke up ready to go to work.  Believe it or not, doing what I do, I'm constantly trying to do a mental check of all the things I have to do.  And when things get clogged and backlogged, it makes me worry.  A lot.

I complain a lot about my job, but I try hard at it.  I don't like not knowing, and I don't like not making it.  But if it weren't for the stupid snow...well, this is the second time I've called in in two years.  And I'm really, really annoyed by it.

So I'm working frantically to clear off the stairs and my roommate is making snow-angels in her nightclothes and biker boots.  At least she had enough presence of mind to throw on a coat and shades.

And the snow just makes it hellatiously bright.

I live in northeast Texas, and although from time to time, we get some snow, this is, in fact, TEXAS.  It isn't supposed to snow in Texas.  It's either hot and dry or hot and humid, there's not much in between.  So...just add snow, and everyone turns into a moron.

Now, northerns laugh at us for having problems with so little snow.....but it's not really the amount of snow we get as opposed to lack of education in dealing with the snow.  We don't even sell chains for tires here, I don't think.  Most people don't plug in their cars (unless it's a hybrid).  And we certainly don't deal with snow very often.  So when someone gets stuck (like me) and can't make it into work (like me), sometimes they figure that their car is really having problems with being stuck because they think it's bogged down (like me).  Then someone smarter or more experienced than them (like my husband) can point out that it's not bogged down (what I thought), it's lack of traction (what he said) that's keeping the car from moving (doh).

Again....lack of experience.  Only problem is that it can get you killed or injured.  So be careful.
I'm gonna curl up and read.  I've read this series through a few times.  I like it.  It's kinda like pulp detective novels meets sci-fi magic.  It's an easy read for me, I chew through fiction, particularly in genres I like, quick - 1 paperback can get eaten in 4-5 hours. But then again, it's gotta be a good, easy read.