interjecting real life

I have to write this blog, because seriously, I can't make this crap up.

Right now things are going good. My best friend is camped out in my living room, which is fine if not sometimes kind of cramped (I feel for her, because she's got to survive the mornings through the whirlwind of people trying to get ready for work/school/etc.), trying to struggle with insomnia like I do.

However, working later in the day, there's just some things that I miss.

For example...apparently for the last two months, my kids have lost their key to the apartment. This wouldn't so bad, save for the fact that every single day, they've been borrowing one from the main office of the apartment complex instead of telling mom and dad they've lost their key.


In fact, my husband didn't know that until he had to go down there and talk to them about something.

For some sort of slip, my water didn't get paid, so I went down there this afternoon to pay it (five bucks, but really, the problem was on their side, not mine). I made idle chat with the lady processing the transaction, and she complimented me on my child, how bright she was, how polite and well-mannered.

My first thought was, "Wait...she's talking about my kid?"

My second thought was said aloud. "Gee....um. Do you see her often?"

Apparently, that little toot has been routing her walk home from the bus stop through the property management office, winsomely swiping candy along the way.


For me, this is a slow, kindly torture of parenthood when the younger child is involved. People tell me how ridiculously advanced she is, polite and charming. And I know she is. Because she wants something. And she's good at it, I'll give her that. But playing her strengths in that manner wasn't necessarily what mommy had in mind. And this kind of thing crops up a LOT with her, believe it or not.

So I practice my patience and I even have my mantra..."I love my kids....I love my kids...I love my kids...."