The Time Lord Door

So of recent, I've been on a Dr. Who kick.

I don't care too much for Sci-Fi, but really, I kind of enjoy the modern incarnation of Dr. Who.  My father has a passion for Sci-Fi, as do many of my other family members and friends.  But...all the technobabble and such really is kind of a turn-off for me.

I particularly like David Tennant.  For the short-lived incarnation before, and the 11th Doctor (who..well, I just got into that season on Netflix, so we will see), I think that Mr. Tennant brings a beautiful element of compassion to the playful eccentric attitude in which he plays the good doctor.  So...in tribute to that thought, I decided to make the outside facing back door of my shop disguised like that loveable blue police call box.

Firstly, my sister was quite the artist.  She got a degree in art, and I think for all intents and purposes, I felt overshadowed by her talent.  It took me quite some time to realize that regardless of how wonderful her art is, that in my own form and fashion, I too am an artist.  So I gave up on perfection or out-doing my big sis, and just kind of started doing my own creative thing.  Perhaps most people don't recognize me as an artist - I don't care.  I mainly just claim to being creative and witty, both of which pay poorly, but are more fun at gatherings.

The blue door has more meanings though, too.  It is fitting that it is the Tardis.  A time machine.  The blue in and of itself reminds me of happy moments.  One in particular (and kids, this is AFTER I started the project...here I am, gently caressing the door with my brush, trying to invoke a specific color...and with it, certain memories come rushing back) of taking portraits in front of a blue door.  Others from school.  Happy moments, which have drifted off into time, letting me gaze back in the wake, sometimes wistful.

But it is art, and it will move forward. And we will see what comes of it.



So Mom and I have been talking a lot about what we would do if anything ever happened.....and after talking about it, we decided that going the route my sister took was easiest on everyone.  She was cremated through the Neptune Society. Everything was so easy and it was appreciated. And there is even a payment plan.


At the market

So, at the market, things have been interesting.  They have had cukturak dancers all day. The kids have haf fun, recording and watching. I love seeing traditional dance of other cultures.

Instead of collecting useless stuff (I dunno...sterling is nice to look at, but who realky cares about some piecemeal,  used set bought off Ebay?), experience and seeing, they seem to be worth more to me. Just saying.