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I've talked about this on my blog before (uh, probably my other one), but I wanted to mention it here.

Have you ever run into a person that looking at them seemed such an intimate gesture that it felt as if you were standing in a the room completely naked?

I have never had anyone explain proper that feeling when I share it with the person I was experiencing it with or other more knowledgeable individuals in those kind of mystical things. I've only had that kind of contact with three people, one of whom was a total stranger and I actually spoke very little to. The other two was to an ex (and it was actually years after I'd not been dating him.....years...like a decade...or more...) and the other was an english teacher in college.

So of the two I talked to, the feelings were mirrored as well. The ex was happily re-married and just as shocked as I. But not knowledgable about those things either and probably chalked it up to 'good chemistry'. I'm skeptical about that explaination.

The second was my college English teacher and he was actually very gay, a Kabbalist, and had no clue what it was (but I simply adored him!). At least, we never had enough time to discuss it. He actually bought me a copy of The Mystical Quabbalah by Dion Fortune (yeah, I know I spelt it different twice, but there are so many spellings for that dang word). But confessed that he felt that same kind of instant attraction/spark/feeling. We didn't know what to call it either.

I don't just buy 'good chemistry'. I don't think it was entirely a physical connection. We're low on pheremones and winding up to really be diversified creatures.

It is not a sexual thing, but there IS an intimacy involved. People say the eyes are the window to the soul, and when they looked at me, it was as if I was pushed onto a stage, naked and laid bare for all the world to see.

Past lives just don't cover it. Any takers on this one?


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Call it clan, call it family, call it tribe. Whatever it is, GET one. You NEED one.

Seriously. I mean, what's the point of having experiences if you have no one to share them with?

I mean, even as a parent. If you're a couple and you've got kids, you've got to know other people. Your children have to learn more interaction than 'just those kids at school' and frankly, as they grow up and go through their own things, its a good idea to have people you love and trust around so if your child doesn't feel as if you are approachable with a topic, they can go to their favorite 'aunt' or 'uncle' and talk - which keeps you in the loop and hopefully keeps the kiddoes out of harm.

I see the potentionals of a lot of danger. I've got a daughter on the brink of blossoming into womanhood and I can admit it, I'm scared. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, is logical and practical, and I want her to feel as if she's got a large support base. And she does. Believe me, she does. But sometimes kids have to see it as well as just know it.

And there's where you come in.

Maybe the family you're born to isn't the greatest. And you can't change them. That's okay. As adults, we kind of pick and choose our own family - just pick wisely and make sure that you nuture your friendships. Just like a plant, it needs attention to grow.

So let that be your meditation for the day. Where is your tribe?