Bear love.

So, I'm currently tracking The Oatmeal and a lawsuit some pretentious bastard put against Mr. Matt for plastering his webcomic stuff on the internet (Matt's) and then making money off it, and for Mr. Matt getting ticked off and asking him to take the shit down because he didn't want a freeloader using his artwork.


I really fell in love with the site, because someone a while back posted a story from Hyperbole and a Half (and yeah, I know I'm uneducated swine because the first time I saw the word, I had to look it up, pronounced it 'hyper-bole' and all that bullshit.  In my defense, A) At least I took the time to look it up, B) I can take that kind of correction from the husband.) and I found it falling into the same kind of humor my sick and twisted friends and I have.  If you get a moment, you might want to look into it.  Some great, funny stuff. And hey, he's raising money for a good cause!