witches say the darnedest things...

(this is a repost from another blog...but the incident was so funny to me, I had to share...)

So my daughter is sitting in the chair with my husband, and a commercial for that sitcom Breaking Bad comes on. It's about a chemist, so the words bromide and barium are spoken.

"What's barium and what's bromide?" the six year old asks.

"Well, baby, they're elements," Daddy explains. "Do you know what elements are?"

"Sure do! ......Earth....Air....Fire....Water....."


Wiccan Ebay

This shit destroys my soul. So I wanted to rant.

- I don't care you're selling 1/2 oz. packet of garlic for magical purposes. If I wanted herbs, I'd visit the local health food store or an apothecary. Or given time and patience, I'd grow the damn thing myself.

- I don't want any stupid 'magical rock' with a painted rune. That's just low.

- If I wanted herbs or oils or incense, I really would have put that into the search field.

- Stop trying to sell "Gardnerian" or "Alexandrian" BOS CDs on the internet. I'm not buying it.

- Stop trying to sell ANYONE'S BOOKS on CD on Ebay - you scum-sucking bootlegger.

- If I want potion bottles or anything like that, I too know how to shop at Hobby Lobby or my local caft store for them. I don't need your 'lot'.

- Same thing goes with your stones. If I wanted five tourmaline-quartz mixtures, I'd probably get them cheaper at a lapidary shop or the museum of natural science.

- Using 'Satanist' and 'Wicca' in the same description is annoying.

- Instant Spell Kits. *facepalm*

- Symbols drawn, painted, written or scratched onto a surface that originated from the Necronomicon aren't wiccan symbols.

- I would NEVER buy a 'ghost in a jar'.

- Polymer molds should not be listed wiccan by principle.

- If anyone REALLY wants 'cheap candles', wait until the day after a holiday and buy them at Walmart. I got over 100 candles for less than 15 bucks.

Just thought I would rant some.



So....I'm officially wierded out.

Sort of.

I thought I had at least six more months. Seriously. Yet, yesterday the eldest child calls me from the nurse's office to tell me 'that event' has happened.

No, no. She wasn't sick. At least, not in any abnormal way.

I say abnormal, but she's only eleven. And now, now we must think of an appropriate rite of passage ritual for it. Something more pagany and memorable for her. Maybe even gift her her own set of tools. Hopefully.

She doesn't seem scared. But me? I'm both elated and sad. Really. My baby girl is really, really growing up. Becoming an adult. Where does the time go?

Anyway, any thoughts and ideas about rites of passage are appreciated. I didn't get one as a kid...so I'm kind of fumbling in the dark for her as an adult.