So....I'm officially wierded out.

Sort of.

I thought I had at least six more months. Seriously. Yet, yesterday the eldest child calls me from the nurse's office to tell me 'that event' has happened.

No, no. She wasn't sick. At least, not in any abnormal way.

I say abnormal, but she's only eleven. And now, now we must think of an appropriate rite of passage ritual for it. Something more pagany and memorable for her. Maybe even gift her her own set of tools. Hopefully.

She doesn't seem scared. But me? I'm both elated and sad. Really. My baby girl is really, really growing up. Becoming an adult. Where does the time go?

Anyway, any thoughts and ideas about rites of passage are appreciated. I didn't get one as a kid...so I'm kind of fumbling in the dark for her as an adult.

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