Wiccan Ebay

This shit destroys my soul. So I wanted to rant.

- I don't care you're selling 1/2 oz. packet of garlic for magical purposes. If I wanted herbs, I'd visit the local health food store or an apothecary. Or given time and patience, I'd grow the damn thing myself.

- I don't want any stupid 'magical rock' with a painted rune. That's just low.

- If I wanted herbs or oils or incense, I really would have put that into the search field.

- Stop trying to sell "Gardnerian" or "Alexandrian" BOS CDs on the internet. I'm not buying it.

- Stop trying to sell ANYONE'S BOOKS on CD on Ebay - you scum-sucking bootlegger.

- If I want potion bottles or anything like that, I too know how to shop at Hobby Lobby or my local caft store for them. I don't need your 'lot'.

- Same thing goes with your stones. If I wanted five tourmaline-quartz mixtures, I'd probably get them cheaper at a lapidary shop or the museum of natural science.

- Using 'Satanist' and 'Wicca' in the same description is annoying.

- Instant Spell Kits. *facepalm*

- Symbols drawn, painted, written or scratched onto a surface that originated from the Necronomicon aren't wiccan symbols.

- I would NEVER buy a 'ghost in a jar'.

- Polymer molds should not be listed wiccan by principle.

- If anyone REALLY wants 'cheap candles', wait until the day after a holiday and buy them at Walmart. I got over 100 candles for less than 15 bucks.

Just thought I would rant some.

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