Wonderful television series and why the fantasy genre always gets an edge...

I used to never really watch TV.  That's okay, because of the past few years, I've picked up a few shows that I really like. 

Through the aid of modern technology and Netflix, I have become addicted to the newer Dr. Who (was never big on sci-fi), the Walking Dead (was never big on horror), and Bones (but I've always loved mysteries!).  My PS3, which I watch more shows on than actually play games, has made this possible.  My family and I watch a lot of these crazy shows together.

The most recent DvD I picked up has been The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  I know I'm kind of on the late bus for that, but I have been at the point in my life (a while back) where I just really didn't care about what was new, hip, or trending.  So ....while people pay astronomically stupid amounts of money to go watch shows with a hundred other people and overpriced popcorn, I just wait for the release on DvD...and now, Netflix.

I have to say though, that when it comes to spending money on useless junk, that generally the fantasy genre wins hands-down every time.  I mean, yeah, it would be neat to have a $40 sonic screwdriver pen, but why buy a pen when I can get something as cool as Gladriel's ring?

I know, I know, I painted the door like the Tardis.  And it's cool and all.  But to me, a reproduction of a magical ring, maybe some Gryffindor striped socks, or an elven star is something you can probably wear and get away with easier.

Not that I haven't seen a friend sport a Mockingjay pin, or even people with steampunk gear...but somehow...a 'prop' that's sci-fi and doesn't work doesn't seem as cool as a magic ring or talisman....that might work... I dunno.  Leave it to the imagination of someone who believes in magic to come up with that kind of backwards logic.