no promises

I am actively seeking to position myself better in such a way that my family benefits, that my spiritual well being benefits, and that financially we benefit. Trying to get everything in line.

"No promises," are the words I hear.

Heck, anything else and it would have probably been a warning sign.

But I ask for none and I expect none, and that's how it should be when you've moving through the world looking for spiritual enlightenment. Anyone who promises you something like that generally doesn't have anything to give you. Because the deepest parts of spirituality lie within ourselves, not through someone else's parlour tricks.

That's part of the reason why I don't get people who will pay hundreds of dollars for a prefabricated sword or some fancy-smancy wand. It doesn't make sense. The cost of those gilded crosses or gem-encrusted pentacles doesn't make it any more holy, or any more powerful. It is not the hundreds of social gatherings with the thin mask of spirituality that makes someone a spiritual person. Just because you pay an organization to romp naked through the woods twice a year doesn't make your spiritual well-being.

But...by the same token, it is hard for so many people to tell which words ring truly and which words are diluted in lies. I mean, face it, this world is full of lies. We lie to one another, and we lie to ourselves. Which is to say that it is hard to tell the difference between someone lying to you and someone embellishing the truth. Or telling the truth at all.

So which do you think would be true? Someone wanting to 'show you everything' or 'help you gain power', or someone who just simply says 'this is us, and no promises'?

No promises I can live with. It's the never trying that I wouldn't forgive myself for. So which is worse? Reaching out for possibilities or never doing anything?

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