around the corner

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner.  So, to have other holidays off, I give up Samhain for a while.  We pick and choose what we can live with.

But with that kind of spiritual and superstitious stigma that is attached to that particular time of year, tons of ghost-hunting reality shows, documentaries, and horror movies come out to heighten our tensions and awareness, giving us the Quickening of the heart, the things which have driven us to survive.

One of the worst words in the world is 'supernatural'.  I hate that word.  To me, calling something supernatural is to attach to it something that gives it a means beyond the natural order of things.  I have to disagree with it entirely.  If these things happen in which we cannot explain, it does not mean it is beyond nature, just at the moment perhaps beyond our ability to explain it.  I think that people who are quickly dismissive or try to over-analyze (oh, the lighting on the film is radio signals from a tower, electrical discharge from remote power lines, etc.) with far-fetching rationalization.

Oh well.  Whatever you believe, start sharpening your senses.  That mystical time of year is sneaking up.

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