This is a truth....about women.

I have a link for you, from the blog called UnWinona.  I think this is something I'd like to address.

I don't know whether or not the story is true for this particular individual, but I have seen this in action before in my youth.  Not as strongly violent as the situation the bloggess speaks of, but the fact that it occurs at all speaks volumes to me.

Perhaps there is a lot of people that really believe there is no 'war on woman'.  I am not writing this to convince you otherwise.  What I am writing this about, sharing this link, is the opportunity to be aware that this kind of thing is going on.  I found the blog after I found this, which started me thinking....:

My thoughts?


As a guy, thinking about this, I would be pissed as all Hell's get-out.

And I've seen this and dealt with it - the guys that for some reason, can't behave in a civilized manner.  If a woman acted in that manner, she'd be considered a psycho.  But really, what I can't fathom is that people stood by and watched this behavior without doing -anything-.  

In the narrative, the 'nice guy in the business suit' pretty much waits until there's no chance he won't get his ass handed to him by three guys.  I get that.  Where's security?  Where's a cell phone?

Hell, where is human decency?

So really, guys, when your buddies are actin' a fool - fuckin' set them straight.  Because the next chick they go off on might be your mom, your sister, your daughter, or your cousin.  

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