the media

I realize that in the past few years, and more importantly, the last few months, that I rarely watch TV.  And rarer still, the news.

Sometimes, I flip it on in the morning, just to see the weather reports.  But I realize that it probably has about a %40 accuracy rate, so generally, I just don't.

About the only TV I seem to watch now is Netflix through my PS3.  Reason being is that I can watch a story (sit-com, drama, series, etc.) without interruption.  Or I can see a movie that interests me (on occasion...you should ask my husband or my friends how hard it is to get me to go watch a movie with them).

But mainly, I really just hate the fact that there are so many reports on bias media.  And how the media doesn't really objectively report anything.  And all you really see on there is death, destruction, and murder.  Every now and then, they make a shallow attempt at showing something meaningful.  On occasion, someone does.  But really, it has come to the point that no news is good news.

There's a lot you don't see on TV.  That's what you have the internet for.  But it's hard to get people to report what FOX or CNN or any of those channels won't report.  Kind of makes me hate the whole thing all together.

So between the word I get from friends, some select internet sights, and NOAA, I'm pretty set.

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