plain vanilla...or is it?

An Ode to Vanilla

White and frothy
Cool and crisp
Oh my gentle slushie!
Of vanilla tenderness!
Sweet at night
Squishy so bright
Clear and fine
Smooth and Divine
Oh...my cream soda slurpee!

Yeah, it's a bout of silliness. Some things you just can't take too seriously.

Someone accused me of knowing the comings and goings of another friend. I was like, "Damn, don't you realize that I don't live in the same world they do? Sure, I have a summer home there, but that doesn't mean I can read their mind!"

Or watching my 10 year old have kittens over the fact they've scratched a game and it won't play. And she was bawling over it. It's...just...a...friggin...game....

Someone comes to me and says, "I have a question..." My quip? Before they can say anything, I say, "And I might have an answer."

Someone else laughed at my comments. I said, "Stand back. Don't get cut." He looks around, saying, "Cut on what?" "My wit," I reply. "It's sharp."

As one of my ex's is prone to say..."Don't take life to seriously...you'll never get out alive."

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