We're sitting around, talking about doing a full moon ritual, and the silliest thing occurs to us.

Witches bottles.

Now, I start thinking, and I begin to wonder about the places I've lived....and some random gardner digging up a flowerbed and finding one of my bottles of protection. It set us all giggling.

I mean, really? What would you do, digging through your flowerbed, finding jars filled with shards of mirrors, pins, needles, what looks like herbs and wine or piss? Seriously?

So here we are again, giggling madly. I guess it's better than digging up bodies.

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Curious Curandera said...

When we moved into our home I was outside digging the backyard to make some fantastic gardens and I dug up a bottle full of pins, rusty nails, hair, and some photos. Got rid of them.