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“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Mahatma Gandhi

I am SO DAMN TIRED of people whining.

And it's not the usual personality-driven whine, which is just whining to whine. But whining over useless bullshit.

I whined I had to go to work the past two days. It was two very long days, and it was self-inflicted, so really I didn't have the right to whine....I was mainly whining because I was tired.....piddly.

BUT.....some whining, I can't abide by.

I think the last whining "Yes, I am!", "No, you're not!" fit I threw was when I was 16. I was trying to convince my best friend's mom that yes, in fact, I was just one of the guys like him, and I should damn well be able to sleep over and play D&D all night long with the boys. She tried to be very kind about it, but I was frustrated to tears. Did she not see that I was just gaming, just like everyone else? My mom wouldn't care! But she didn't hear of it and out the door I went.

Believe it or not, this crap happens in Wicca. A *LOT*. So, if you're not up on the who's-who of witchiedom, or you're not pagan, the following will probably not be of much interest to you, so you have every right to skip the rest of this blog. If you're open-minded, you'll probably be able to relate to this at least.

In 'western Wicca', the stuff that comes out of books and is all over the place in America, people struggle to live by values of earth-based religions, have deep and meaningful spirituality, and some sense of honor. This is all well and great, but it comes from over the seas, and those who have spent lifetimes learning, practicing, and perfecting their magical art known as Wicca as taught by Gerald Gardner do not agree - if you weren't initiated, you're not Wiccan.

Can you imagine the howls of frustration for some? Being told, "No, you can't."

I don't need someone to tell me what I am or agree with my self-inflicted labels for me to have peace of mind. I'm not going to argue with anyone, "I'm a witch!", "No you're not!". I know who and what I am, and the hell with everyone else's assumptions.

So, to BTW (British Traditional Witchcraft), I'm not Wiccan. I understand their definition, as a person who is supposed to be directly oathbound from Gerald Gardner himself (until such a time comes where they can find others from that branching tree, I suppose). I, like many of the other people in my generation, picked up a book and began to read. I can handle this. Because it is clearly their definition. And words, well, many words have multiple definitions. The one they own clearly states I'm not. I'm okay with that.

So many people, to be PC and keep things light and bright and fluffy, have rescinded their words, or placated the drooling masses who want drive-thru spirituality. "Sure, you're what you say you are, because you read the book to tell you so!"

Please. Come on.

I detest the idea of that. Spirituality shouldn't be set-and-serve. It's supposed to be introspection, knowledge, and wisdom. Growth of a person. Development. No fancy cardboard box to hold it in place while you're eating as you drive. I can read about Catholic Priests all I want...but that doesn't make me one. I can read about being an astronaut, but that doesn't make me one.


So, please.....just understand that there are going to be people in the world that disagree with you. It doesn't really mean that you're right and their wrong, or vice versa. All it means is that you've a difference of opinion, agree to disagree, and leave it at that. Don't clog the Force with your piddly-babbling bullshit.

You are what you are, and no matter if someone tells you differently, it doesn't change a damn thing.

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