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The more I think about the fluffiness of Modern Wicca....really, the less I am inclined to just hang out with any 'ole witches.

I remember when I was much, much younger, and we did the Lughnasadh games at a public gathering in Houston. They had the competition going on, and I really didn't care to join - I just came along for the socialization. I didn't mind helping set up for the events (never look up when someone says, "Don't look up!" and they're wearing a kilt...but crap...some things are instinctive), but I didn't really feel the need to compete. They weren't really that well organized and I don't care for competing against mixed company.

Somehow, somewhere, they split the men from the women (which....as re-constructionist Celts, I imagined that they'd have left them together) and they didn't have enough women, so I was promptly volunteered for the wrestling competition. I really can't even remember the two or three girls I was pitted against, or how I won, but somehow, I got them out of the ring and was declared the women's champion.

Then the men fought. Funny enough, somehow, my husband won. People were highly amused by the whole thing and thought it would be funny if we wrestled one another. So...we did.

And I won.

I will skip the grueling details for you, but suffice it to say, later on he admitted to me that he underestimated my skill, thinking that he could pick me up and set me outside of the ring. *I*, on the other hand, envisioned this vast circle as a plateau from which, once outside the ring, the victor would fall to a horrible death below, having sufficient time to contemplate their errors before splatting somewhere outside of the scope of normal vision.

He commended me on this visualization.

But thinking about it, during that time, I come to the realization of the importance of how, when working magic, this is SO important for groups. If you're not on the same page, who knows what will make itself manifest?

If one person wants something specific to happen, getting together a group, no matter how small, you've got everyone envisioning it as something entirely different.

Example. You need some extra money somewhere to make some bills. So you ask your fellow practitioners to get together for a prosperity spell.

You think of it as making ends meet. Someone else thinks of it as gaining a new car. Someone else thinks of it as vast wealth. Soon enough, you've got a strange hodge-podge of energy going out, and geez....

Anyway... if you're going to get together to make something happen, make sure that there is clarity in your collective vision. If not...well, SOMETHING might happen, but it is not necessarily the something you're hoping for.

Just a thought.

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