I think I pissed off one of my sister's friends.

That's not to say that I don't piss a lot of people off daily, it's just that really, the last thing I want to do is get into any type of tussle with my sister's friends.  She wouldn't really like that.  She was a peacemaker.

But the problem with being a wordsmith is that sometimes, you create fine works of art, and other times, people are like, "WTF is that?"  Guess I had a moment which involved the latter.  Someone thought I was dissing their mother.

Now, really, I am mostly beyond that kind of grade school childishness (not totally...I mean, I think that there's at least a person or two who I'd probably tell the officer my foot slipped and I hit the gas instead of the break when I saw them crossing the road), but the mention of the person was moot.  I was referring to the obstacle and trying to emphasize the way my sister overcame it.  The obstacle happened to be a person.

Now, I wasn't disparaging, all I did was state what I believed to be fact.  Hell, what my sister told me was fact.  But after some talking, I think we got this stuff straightened out.

But the long and short of it is that in life, sometimes we are Teachers.  Sometimes we are Students, and sometimes, unfortunately, we are the Cat's Paw of Fate and just an incident in the long strings of A Really Bad Day.

SO...that being said, try not to hold grudges.  Both the good AND the bad make us who we are.

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