The Underground

Today I am headed with a very good friend of mine to the Houston Underground.

Wait.  Houston has an underground?

For those of you who don't know, Houston (HUGH-ston) is built on a vast swamp and even has a bayou running through the middle of it.  When you're at sea level, you don't have basements.

However, to accomodate the ever-growing populace, if you can't built up, I guess they figured they should build down. There is a small maze of eateries and shops which glitter alongside the scurrying sheeple, underneath the blaring horns and traffic lights.  You'd think that it would be akin to the Morlocks, where the shadiness dwells, but in all actuality, it is inhabited 9-5 by corporate yesmen and the likes which dwell the majority of their lives in cubicle world.

So today, the underground will be our playground.  Hope you have me on facebook.  I always post a lot of pics.  Like from the Chocolate Bar.

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