nothing of importance

I know that my words here don't really do much for many.  It's okay.  It's an outlet for me to write, and it's a place for me to collect my thoughts.  Time and time again, I say these words are of the moment.  Pay them no mind.  Because a writer, any good writer, just writes simply for the sake of writing.  Sometimes very important things get put to paper (or electronic media), and other times, it is the act in and of itself that is the pleasure.  Recently, I've become aware of some ugly habits through others, and I have to say, sometimes I find them rather annoying.

There are a lot of things that I watch go on around me that I hope to never be caught at.  For instance, lying about my age.  I think it's flattering when someone thinks I am younger than I really am, and I find it rather stupid to be deceptive of your age.  It's a simple matter, and one that really does not wholly matter after you turn 21 - you'll find people who are more learned at 25 than a room full of forty-somethings, and vice versa. The only thing that is not illusionary about age is the fact that our health deteriorates (it just does it at different rates).  Besides...if you will lie about the little things, well, it remains that you will be more willing to lie about the bigger things too, doesn't it?  But....once a liar, always a liar.

Another annoying thing is when people 'comment' on an article for no other purpose than to put their name up on someone's writing.  As if the writing is validated by them giving one or two sentences about whether or not they agree with the article/work/piece/writing.  "I totally agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying."  But....where is the substance?  Where is...perhaps anything that might contribute to the work?  Or go against it? "I disagree.  I think it's stupid."  And?   Or...my favorite... TOTAL SPECULATION on the article itself.  Just.. "Oh, it might have happened this way....or that way...but who knows?"  Seriously?  No matter how educated a person might be (believe me, I've even seen some of this coming from someone with more than one degree), it never ceases to amaze me how stupid a response can be.

I think those two will do for today.  So please... think before you just spew some random bullshit out.  If you're not adding anything intelligent to the conversation, regardless if it is pro- or anti- the point, please say something intelligent or STFU.

Thank you.

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