Missing the party - the aftermath

Okay. Don't hurt me. I missed the Practical Magic blog party.

BUT...don't hurt me. I'll go you one better. Reviews. Eh? Eh??? Little blurbs on all these different sites...

Wylde Wytch Soaps (yeah, I started from the bottom) looks like an amazing herbal sales-site. Not everyone has time to make all the herbal crafts that witches have a tendency to be into. The pictures are romantically stylish witchie and I prefer that big chunky-cake look to natural soaps. It looks very smell-good yummy.

Wood-wings...that one's interesting too. I don't really know if the picture-art belongs to the blogger, but the there is a collection eye-catching art which goes along with this individual's perspective of what is the expression known as art. The art is chosen to go along with random thoughts, which mesh well. Kind of like a 'thought of the day' blog. It's very pretty.

A crafter, the blog Wolf and Moon is trying to get revved up. Very hard-core and eclectic, I hope that she gets the energy and time that it takes to blog. :) Looks fun. She has a fabric shop, by the way, apparently. I really dig the old-school tattoo patterns. Makes me think about when I used to tattoo and pierce... it was fun...

An interesting eclectic, Witches' Poultice appears to be a the blog of a witchie mommie and her day to day life. Sweet and colorful, it is interesting watching other people grow in their spirituality.

Witch Reviews are just that - one witch that reviews movies, books, and music... Nice to have a witchier point of view. ;)

Wildwood Naturals is another store site. This one has handmade candles, smudge bundles, wooden athames (lovely) and even games for the family.

Now Wildberry Gatherings is a blog who's owner is a folk-artist. Hopefully we'll see more here. I like folk-art. Especially of the more magical nature. :)

I really do like Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland. It looks like all her stuff, artsy-craftsy-crazy and loaded with children. Sometimes children can bring the best out in a artist. You find yourself messing with media you've never dealt with before, throw in the creativity and craziness, and you've got some magical stuff happening!

Welcome to the Manor - I love all the blogging craziness. Especially with pictures, whether gleaned or a person's own. I like reading other people's insights. And the garbage soup with cheese looks delicious....

I like the thoughtfulness of Wandering in the Elven Wood. I completely agree too: with information overload, we have to pick and choose what we're going to take in.

The Wadsworth-Noll Studio is kind of a cool, artsy thing. Scuplture, photography and art - more of the modern-pagan feel to it. :) I like the little handcrafted 'zen-sible doll'. Very mod. :)

Wade MacMorrighan actually posted his MySpace profile...because he blogs. Which is cool. Networking is all good!

Another artist, Valerie Hart, catches my eye with her use of color. Her art has a whimsical feel to it, and I like the fact that there's so much that seems to go along with it.

Vagabond Creations is folk art gone wild. Love that. Folk art is cool, but I LOVE the explosion of color. There is something very different from usual folk-art or craft here, definitely.

And if shabby-chic is more your style, Two Wild Roses looks pretty happening! :)

There will be more to come...man...that list got long, didn't it?


Elysian Field Originals said...

Sorry you missed it...I was fashionably late as always! Brightest Blessings ;)

Zan Asha said...

Hi There! Nice to meet you and sorry you missed the blog party! I wanted to thank you for the shout out, as well! :)

Zan Asha
Vagabond Creations :)

Aimee Jeffries said...

Flying through for the Practical Magic Blog Party! Sorry you missed it, it is a long list isn't it! I started and the top and I'm finally starting on the "T's" lol ~Blessings~

storybookforest said...

You didn't miss it, I'm still partying! The list is so long there would be no way to get through all of it in a single day! Good magic takes time after all! :) Thanks for the reviews, btw, I hadn't been to all of those listed yet. Happy on-going Practical Magic Blog Party!


Annabelle said...

Like StoryBookForest said: it's still on-going. I just finished visiting all the blogs that participated , little late but all the same got there.I started on Sunday when I had found the time , fell way behind my work but it was all worth while. Some amazing artists…flew back home with plenty of Magical Inspiration.