zombie evolution revolution

Back to the thought of the evolution of ideas....the computer...the sound media...

When the hell did zombies evolve?

I think they were bad enough when they were slow, shambling things with rotting flesh dribbling off of them. But even Wikipedia has taken notice:

"21st century: Historically zombies have been portrayed as slow-moving creatures, however, zombies in recent popular culture have considerably increased their locomotion, as exampled in recent movies like 28 Days Later (and its sequel, 28 Weeks Later), the Dawn of the Dead remake, House of the Dead,Zombieland and the video games Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising, Stubbs the Zombie, Plants vs Zombies and partly Prototype. A short independent film titled "Zombie Awareness - An Educational Film" recently hit the Internet which furthers this growing trend by purporting to dispel common zombie myths, for better personal safety."

Now they're not portrayed as the soulless, shambling automations which were cursed by witch doctors or voodoo kings. Now...they're biologically altered specimens of things that used to be human beings, with the same desire for blood, flesh, and brains, but the tirelessness of computers and the constant speed of a cheetah at peak.

Different incarnation, same kind of scary-as-hell, I suppose.

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