The Amazonian

Yup. There's ads here.

It's okay though, right?

I figure, with Amazon, it would make it easier to share cool finds.  And I'm all about cool finds.  There is an amazing resource through the internet, and frankly, I know a lot of people that just don't have the savvy of navigating it.

But it's okay.  It gives me the ability to share it with you.  Which, I'm gonna be honest, you clicking it might throw a few cents (and I stress the word CENTS...not dollars, CENTS) into an account that helps my countless, crafty addictions, but is that so bad?  I might be able to buy a candybar online at the end of the year. Somehow, I find that terribly amusing.

So, as a test, I'm going to share an interesting thing with you.

One of my favorite movies was done at the onset of the century, and I don't mean 2000.  It's a black and white movie which took several years to re-piece back together.  I thought it was innovative for it's time.  It sends a beautiful message.  You can see it's influence in other works of art later, especially music videos, like "Under Pressure" and "Express Yourself" (let me show MY age now...heh.).

The first time I got to see it was in Junior High from THE COOLEST English teacher I ever had, Mrs. Stengler.  Mrs. Stengler was a quirky lady. She was a older widow, living alone, and brought her Nintendo to school with her for us to help her through trickier aspects of games.  She had the most wonderful sense of humor.  I remember her very fondly.

Here is is in Blu Ray, but sometimes you can get it in regular DvD format cheaper.  The problem with it is that either way, it's kind of harder to come by UNLESS you get it off the internet.  Most places you get movies don't really carry it.  Then again, old black and whites aren't really in style for a lot of people.  It's sad...all that cinematic history....

Well...either way, I gotta run. Thanks for putting up with some of this.

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