Occupy Wall Street.... Occupy Your Life. Get in there and LIVE it.

I've been watching this in the news, touch and go, and getting ideas of what exactly it is.

No one seems to have any definitive claims as to entirely what 'Occupy Wallstreet' is.  Some have said it was a protest against capitalism in the form of corporate greed.  I've seen others say that it was a demand for a truer democracy.

Each person, whatever color, gender, sexual orientation, religion or creed....no person can seem to give a straight answer on exactly why they are there.

But they're mad as hell.

I can get that.  There is so much bullshit wrong in the world, I won't even start my own list.  I've listen to people bitch about unfair laws, unfair corporations, unfair, unfair, unfair.  But there are a few things that I have to say to this.

Firstly, standing around gets a bit of attention, but never really the kind of attention you want. "Yeah, I've been  standing on Wall Street for days now..." Okay, you look like a good guy to give a job to, don't you?  But I have to give them props.  They're trying to figure out what to do with whatever it is they're upset about.

Therapy might help.

But beyond the selfish outer shell of the movement, the rallying words of "we want", perhaps something more revolutionary would be "we act".  Let's fucking take this to the street then, shall we?  You know that there is registered sex offender lives on the corner, never coming out of his house.  Let's all get together instead of standing in a street with a volatile concoction of emotions and anger, and bust in on this bitch for some vigilante justice.  We will just hang him in his own tree in the front yard.  We will do what we believe is right to make this world a better place, be it through burning down the buildings of the corporations, or stringing up a guilty man in a indecency with a child charges.

Oh, wait.  Once that's done, you find out the guy was 18 at the time the crime was processed, sleeping with his 16 year old girlfriend.  And rumors and speculation led this mass mob to hang him.  When really, even though he was tried and found guilty by the letter of the law, that this perhaps wasn't quite the case it sounded like on paper.

Does the vigilante justice redeem itself just by saying they're sorry, they didn't know?  Hell no.  And when the masses are to blame, well, everyone misses the blame.

Instead, go to the source.

I have said this several times before, I'll say it again.  I am not the best when it comes to interpretation of the law.  I am no lawyer, I have never been to law school.  I'm taught the bare fundamentals in school, like everyone else, and set out into the sea of adulthood to find my own way.  I get that.  But no matter how long my ship gets to sail, the waters will always be grey.

If you don't like what's going on, change it.  But you can't change it from the roles of victim and exploited.  Get out.  Get up.  DO something.  Join the congress.  Join the PTA.  Join a community shelter.  Do service at the local church.  Help at the pet shelters.

Pay it Forward.

Nothing will change overnight, and all though self-understand and self-reflection is important, it cannot be all-consuming.  When you get your tentative grasp, hold on tightly and move forward as if it is the last thing you do on this earth.  Because any cause can be shunted to the side.  What you do about the things that trouble you is what will make the entire difference.

For those at the Occupy sites, I wish them happiness, peace, joy, and resolution.


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