scotch and strings

Last night was a beautiful night.  Even though I had to work yesterday, I came home to a content husband.  We talked in the breezy, cool weather of the evening.and spoke of the String Theory and its relation to music and magic.

There are the things that we talk about when left to our own devices....

So....can you imagine that.....?  The universe made of subatomic particles which are all,, for all intents and purposes...just music....

Every moment we ahve, every place in time, through out time, back and forth in the multiverse.....the ForeverSong.

Which....does make happy about the name I gave it when I was so little.

But regardless, we spent hours last night, holding each other outside, singing to music and talking in the cool twilight.  Which is what love is, right? Spending that quality time.

Geez, I'm tired.

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