Thanks to me? No, thanks to you....

So, I bought this shirt from Academy.  It's OD green (olive drab), and on the front, it reads, "Believe in Heroes."  It's a great shirt from The Wounded Warrior Project.

I was deet-dee-dee through Academy one day, and happened upon the shirt and the saying on the front caught my eye.  So I flip it across the back, and one warrior is carrying another.  I love this shirt.  It's a guy's shirt, and it's fairly large, but it's cool.  It's lightweight, feels nice, and it means something.  (If you read some posts back, I've decided that I want my consumerism to count for something....so from now on, if I purchase a shirt/clothes/jewelry at full price, I prefer to buy something that might make a difference somewhere else...)

Anyway, since I've bought this shirt, no kidding, I've had people come up and thank me for wearing/purchasing/supporting the troops.

I'm thinking to myself, "Seriously?  You're thanking me for wearing a shirt?"

So I tell them, 'Thank you'.  I tell them I have friends and family that have served, and although I don't really believe in some of (most of) the crap that the government does, that I do believe in the people that commit themselves to the armed forces and that I thank them for their civic service.  I know that they don't choose to go to war, I don't like war, but I know that they wanted to do something for themselves or for honor or for patriotism.  So I'm happy to do what little bit I can in whatever way I can.

I appreciate the fact someone noticed, but really, my thanks goes out to the soldiers, who do what I cannot.  Who idealistically fight for what they believe in, even if government doesn't always have their best interest in mind. For the young, because face it, most of those that command in the field average between 18-25.  We have some seasoned soldiers, true, but there are people out there fighting that can't even get a beer.  That should be deeply disturbing to people.  They won't even really be considered adults, but they're dying for our country.

Thank you, to those in service, to those that have served, and those who will serve.  Thank you.

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