The Witchery

Some people call it hokey, some people call it romantic, some people call it creepy.  But a lot of people just don't know how to take the spectacle that a metaphysical bookstore can entail.

I have been pagan for about twenty years, and one of the fun past times I have is looking for local stores (by local, I mean across my state) to purchase magical wares and goods.  I got to visit a great one this weekend.

This place is called The Witchery.  It is housed in an old, historical building built in 1914 which has been refurbished with salvaged historical apothecary furniture.Walking through the door gives you a sense of old-world style.  There is the main front room, with a long glass and wood counter, and mirrored backing left over from the days that the place was a soda fountain.  Opposite of that mirror, are two long shelving units which house books, tools, and the drawers of an apothecary, keeping herbs fresh and potent in the darkness.

Artwork adorns the walls, and curiosities line the glass cases, crystals, statuary and other oddities.  The staff is friendly, the place is quiet, and in the back, there are two green velvet-curtained alcoves which can be drawn closed for the personal readings the shop offers.

If you are are a serious scholar or just have a mild interest, this is a beautiful place to visit with a good, knowledgeable staff and a peaceful atmosphere.  For more information, go to The Witchery website.

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