Your habitat. It prolly sux.

We've here in Houston a year, and now we're working to dig out of years and years to accumulation at Mamacita's house.  She's off to Thailand in September, so it's a good time to really start in on it.  I'm going to  try to unfuck my habitat, you might think about it too.  There's lots of stuff, but the idea is doing a little at time.

We're trying to eliminate the crap we don't need and don't use, and frankly, that's a lot of crap.  Thankfully, we were able to sell our used medical equipment (from my deceased stepfather and my sister) to a charity that distributes them to others that need it.  That actually freed up more space than we figured.

My mother prefers rainwater to water her plants, so we're trying to restore a 500 gallon water tank to reduce the mosquito habitat she's unwittingly created.  This will be good too, because we will eliminate cluttered containers hanging out.

Anyway, any ideas, links, thoughts would be appreciated.

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