corporate happiness

So I'm left to my own devices, wandering around Dallas. Fortunately, there is a Half-Price Books near the hotel. I get a map there the other day, and I decide that I have exhausted the collection over the past three weeks and went in persuit of another one further into Dallas.

I was not disappointed.

It was a monolith to both bookwormies and greenies alike. The damn thing was probably some gutted grocery store, because it was about three times as big as the one that is in downtown Houston (off Montrose area). So when I checked out (I bought books for my kiddoes, it's been a few weeks since I've added to their collection), I commented on how large the bookstore was.

"It's the largest one there is," the lady said laughingly. "In fact, it houses our corporate office upstairs. This IS the homestore."

Ah! Heaven!

That probably would be heaven for me. An endless library of books, all that were, all that are, and all that would ever be, lavishly decorated with interesting artifacts and museum pieces. Bedecked with comfy couches, pillows, fireplaces and lush atriums.

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