I've been hanging around Dallas for job training, and I'm holed up in a hotel during my stay. The volume of people here yesterday was surprising, being that there were SO many that were refugees from the hurricane. But they've all been friendly, even the kids (who are loud enough to wake the dead), apparently hungry for that neighborly talking. I don't know that we realize how much we are social creatures until we are isolated from those that we have a familiarity with.
The individuals who are working with me in this class seem polite, and a few of them even really personable. I've been bumming around with two of the five people in my class, both guys and family men. It's a shame, one is young enough and charming enough I'd have introduced him to my pet redhead.
I don't blog here much, but I thought I'd post a note. It's been an interesting experience. Go to my 'real' blog to learn more. ;)

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