sniffing markers

I'm glad to be home.

Not that it isn't fabulous trying to keep up with the math portion of things in the classroom, but my mind doesn't do well with the figuring part. All I can do is sit around and sniff markers, trying very hard to listen to what is being said.

And yes, I CAN sniff markers...they're scented markers and non-toxic. So there. :P

After class, my brain isn't working well enough to read anything of substance, so I thought I'd pick up The Witching Hour by Anne Rice....I think I've been pretty disappointed (but I'm into self-inflicted pain...I'm still reading it...), because frankly, one character is introduced and you get like a 40-100 page essay on their background...oh well... maybe it's relevant to the ending.

I can't wait to go to the 'green' store. Apparently it's a tester for sustainability, utilizing all sorts of renewable methods of energy and all sorts of other nifty things. There's only two in exsistance to this kind of extreme, and they're seeing if they're feasible for incorporating into the later building of the stores. It's awesome. Can you imagine what kind of wonderful we'd have if every major chain of store/services/etc. decided they'd 'go green'?

It is a wonderful idea, but don't get carried away with it. Don't take what I'm saying wrong, either. I've seen plenty of people who went wonderfully green and became pillars of the community. Then there are those who become so absorbed as to lock out the rest of the world - face it, it's easier to believe you're being 'ethical' towards something that can't speak for itself, no matter what other damage you do. It's easier to have that one-sided relationship than it is to build relationships with people.

But let's steer out of those dark waters.

I think I've been putting off going to my home store because really, I'm scared. Nerves and all. I wanted to go tomorrow, but my dad quite logically pointed out that if my sponsor (the store manager) has to be there on monday, more than likely, he's not going to be there tomorrow. Makes sense. So I'll get my clothes ready and hope.

I bathed my poor car and sucked out all the debris from the floorboard. I don't think I've been as attentive to the last several cars I've had. I just didn't take much stock in their physical appearance, as long as they ran. But being that I'm having to buy this one for so much, perhaps that is what unconsciously goads me into taking better care of it. I still haven't unpacked from the four weeks I've been away...somehow, I just dread pulling all that shit out of my trunk.

I haven't got to see my sister or mother yet. They are STILL without power since Ike hit. Apparently there was some sort of verbal exchange between my brother and my mom and sister, so they decided that they'd overstayed their welcome and went elsewhere (to one of my mother's friend's houses...not sure which). I am feeling a little homesick, and hopefully soon I'll be able to see them. Although my sister are a lot like water and oil sometimes, I really long to see her.

Randomness - anyone know where I can find Spaceballs merchandise?

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