rules of engagement

I have a four-cylinder car that is more gas economical. Being that it is a lightweight car, the car in and of itself should remain with all four wheels on the pavement at all times.

When we 'axe' you to come over, it is because we are in the back yard, throwing axes at a tree in the attempts to fell it on top of the house while we're drinking. It is not a literary device of slang which forumlates the actual word 'ask', that most people who use the 'axe' substitute are too damn lazy to pronounce.

The focus of diversity is an oxymoron.

When quoting the movie "Blazin' Saddles", it is not okay to quote some of the lines aloud, no matter how damn funny they are.

Just because they make it in your size, doesn't nessecarily mean that it fits, nor that it is MEANT to be in your size. There is something unwholesome about having a thong in a XXX-L size, personally. Or even a bikini.

And in regards to the last thought and other ones which could coincide, there are just some things you can't un-see.

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