lifestyles, supervising and casual sex...


(Perv...it wasn't what you were thinking.)

I think it's great that so many 'new friends' that I make can sit around and casually joke about sex.

From the prim and proper days of being flogged in town square for a woman showing her ankles, it's UNBELIEVABLE how far we've come from the Puritan basis of that our country was founded on.

That being said, today I've had a hell of a time sitting around the hotel pool and joking with the cohorts in training with me about sexuality.

I have always been thought of as 'one of the guys' in my youth, and as I get older, I realize that people expect me to be some sort of upstanding citizen, a matriarch of political correctness.


No, seriously.

The outer shell gets older, the body gets more frail, but a lot of times I check, I really don't see that I've 'matured' from my high school years. That's probably not saying a lot for some of the 'kids' that were my age - but I my fits of irresponsibility were few and far between. I'm not saying that I didn't do some of the empty-headed bullshit, but I just did less than the norm, I think. While people around me were only focused on partying, or getting knocked up and partying, I was actually thinking of marriage and career-building. I was thinking about family and home. Now how much credit I could get, what fast car I could drive, or how many varieties of STDs I could pick up.

Somehow, somewhere, I think that I they got over it and I got bypassed.

I can't help it, I think I'm a kid at heart. "Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult." People worry about their financial brokers, their house payments and their retirement. My thoughts? I could be hit by a truck tomorrow and if all of my focuses were strictly on getting ahead or what other people thought of me, then I'd have a dull and boring life.

I'm moving into a management position where I'll have the responsibility of supervising perhaps 300-400 people. Does this concern me? A little. But imagine their surprise, or at least the surprise of some of those that I used to work for or that I'm training with now, when they learn that in my life, I've apprenticed in pottery, tattooing, piercing, have done some college, or that I did in-home parties selling dildoes. And that's just among spending a lot of time being a housewife.

People worry so much about stuff. Or how they look in the eyes of others. Or how they can get ahead enough to look down their noses at those they want to feel superior over. It just makes me think of my brother's words of wisdom:

"Life's too short to use cheap toilet paper."

Quirky? Yes. Wise? Undoubtedly. I can't say that there aren't a lot of questionable behaviors that I haven't seen, and there's several that I don't agree with. You want to have multiple marriages and weird sex, that's your business? Do it behind closed doors, don't let it effect the kids. But bring in animals and children, and answer to the barrel of my shotgun, you sick bastard.

(Did I mention I'm opinionated?)

Regardless, I'm kind of a live-and-let-live gal. But explain something to me if you can.

To me, there are a lot of shallow individuals who would pretend to live ethically with people and the enviroment. They advocate recycling, but they buy costume jewelry which is put together in chinese sweat-shops. They want organic foods, but they buy products which are animal-tested. They scream for animal rights and accost little old ladies in minks, but you never see them jump biker gangs which are clad in all-leather clothes. They buy organic milk, but they wear perfume with strange synthesized chemicals in it. They get net bags instead of plastic ones at the store, yet they throw away an old pair of rubber shoes.

Something's gotta give, kids.

I know that we're all of a dualist nature, because we have to live in this kind of paradox. The manufacturers and prices that we pay for things will ultimately win out over quality and sustainability....

...until we demand the change.

But until then, think about the things you're doing. Sending checks to Greenpeace is going to enable some zealot to fly to brazil and chain himself to a tree. Fat good that's going to do. Instead of just throwing money at something in the hopes that things will get better or change or go away, how about take some time and effort to read and maybe write? Write companies, write congress, or better yet, hell - go to school to get a job which enables you to make a difference. Become a political activist who's educated or join up with a company that really believes in sustainability or enviromental issues. It's gotta start somewhere, and instead of the whole bouncing back and forth, what can you do that makes a difference?

And if you have to bounce back and forth.... here's a though:

If they don't recycle in your area....if you can't afford organic foods. If you can't send billions of dollars to the relief efforts for natural disasters. If you can't chain yourself to a tree in brazil.

If you can't do any of these things...do this.

Just be nice. Be nice to everyone. Do random acts of kindness. Go the distance for someone you might not even know, because you choose to be good and selfless. Pay it forward.

And who knows? Maybe it will become contagious.

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