no vancancy

I think that was a snap-back to reality phrase.

Apparently I have been pulled up short because someone was 'renting too much room in my head."  Can't say that never happens, but it happens in times that aren't really fortunate for me.  Sometimes when things get rough, well, they only get rougher because things have a tendency to plummet beyond reach.  I'm learning to just let go of some things, but others, it's just too bad a habit.

I think I realize several things.  Regardless as to whether or not they are, the entirety of thoughts are irrelevant.They were thoughts that can be applied and have more than likely been made manifest, however unwittingly people would try to deny or salvage them.  Peoples actions are what they are, and sometimes they do good, and sometimes they do bad.  And the hell with anyone that wants to take a fine microscope to any of it.  Even me.

I have a lot of thoughts as to why it came to this kind of end.  Some that will be vehemently denied, and probably other accusations flung for deflection.  But I know where I was when this journey started, I know where I was through it, and I know where I was at the end of it.  If no one else listens, I don't suppose it matters.  Just another tale in my bardic book of tales, one that will reach the carefully penned but less spoken chapters.  Half of my adventures in the country will be sealed away to darkness, not because I am ashamed to speak of them, only because they make me terribly sad.  There are some songs I have a hard time listening to in reminder.

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