the plant

"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. "                                                                                                           - (Charles M. Shulz - 1922-2000)

There's just a lot of people who have thought I behave as if every action that I made was the most correct action possible at the time.

They'd probably be about half right.

I don't think that a lot of what gets executed by me is planned, proper, and within whatever astringent guidelines people seem to have.

Generally, it's a decision that got made by the spur of the moment and I'm hanging on to the seat of my pants.

Or plants.

Take the marble ivy. A hardy plant you can grow in the office or in your home. If you had a small one, and a large planter, and gave it half a gallon of water every day you saw it, which was every day, then it would grow. If you had enough thoughtfulness to throw some fertilizers in there, it would grow quiet a bit from just a few little roots. It will come out of it's home, hang out, and begin to work its way into your walls. And as you water it daily and watch it, with its yellow-green and darkly green marbling, it looks like a healthy plant that is now threatening to crack your sheet rock. You probably don't care if you have this plant this large and indoors, because it's kind of pretty.

SO....what would happen if you suddenly stopped watering it? Or threw on it half a cup every few days, as opposed to watering it half a gallon, every day like it's used to?

The first thing I imagine it would do is droop. Droop and look sickly. And unless you give it more water, it will have this crazy-assed limp look about it, listless. Yep, all the roommates walk past it. Their guests too. No one waters it because it's really YOUR plant. You just don't really have the time. Or water on hand.

Eventually the thing just kind of shrivels up and becomes crunchy.

Maybe I'm stupid, but I feel like a friendship got that way and as the plant, I'd rather just toss myself out instead of linger, browning on the table.

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