Freebies, zombies, and Asian food.....

Okay......here's something rather insane.  If you're a person that's into zombie movies, my family and I have been watching this movie called Wasting Away.  This is a really bizarre movie, because it's kind of a reverse zombie movie.  People are infected and don't know they're zombies.  It's on Netflix, but the title is Ahhh!  Zombies!

It's really kind of ridiculous.  I guess the 14 year old finds it funny.

Today, mom and I went to the Asia Market down in the Heights.  It's cool going there, because there's a ton of stuff most people don't see.  Whether it's at the 99 Ranch off of I-10, or down by Bellaire, getting to try new stuff is kind of fun.  A lot of people don't realize what they're missing.  I picked up stuff to make chicken curry, but we'll have to see what they decide to make tonight.  At least I got to the Farmer's Market.  Thought it was an interesting syrup.

Nothing much this Saturday.  But, from Saturday to Saturday, here's my freebies from the mail.  Cool, huh?

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