shameless plug

Okay, no one enjoys 'like'ing things on their Facebook because they get a lot of extra crap in their newsfeed that just clutters up everything.

So if you like inspiring quotes, I would really love you to add The Diane Kilsby Insurance Agency.  The reason is that often times, the words are uplifting.  And if you like freebies, right now, every month, they give away a gift card worth about $25 to different things.  This month is Best Buy.  Anyway, all you have to do is be over 18, live in the state of Texas, and 'like' the page.  I don't get how I can't get anyone to do this - I mean, it's free.  Yeah, they're gonna offer to quote you, but it's an insurance agency.  And really, looking over the stuff, you pay maybe a bit more, but this particular office has friendly people, explain stuff to you, and generally, Farmers seems to pay out more readily if you've got damage and things.

So, this shameless plug is to help promote a friendly business.  Thanks.  We will now return you to your regular programming.

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