...my saving grace....

So, I cornered my husband in the car recently, and we were talking about things we wanted to do and where we wanted to be in the next few years.  Because that involves money, we decided that we're going to try the whole couponing bit.

Now, if you've never done this before (like us), there are some pretty crazy extremes.  I have worked retail.  I've seen people come in with basketfuls of groceries, like $400 worth of groceries....then pay like $8 bucks at the register.  I kid you not.

So Wednesday, I'm gonna make a run to get some circulars (they break Wednesdays still, right?) for the local places, and we're going to just go week by week and see what we can save.  I'll keep you up to date here.  This really isn't a 'couponing' blog, but it's the crap that is ferreting around in my mind.  Saving money means we get to travel, getting to travel means meeting more witches and pagan folk.  So...it kinda ties in, in a round-about way.

But really, we'll see what happens.  Keep you posted.

However, this blog...I don't know if it's evolving, or changing, or both.  I'm using a program called Qik for imprompteau videos.  I've joined instagram.  I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and several other groups.  You'll find me by name, most of the time, or the user ID.  I don't know....but I guess this is becoming what my blogs always tend towards - a day in the life of me. Noting wrong with it...but I expected this blog to be witchier.

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